Blast from the past

If you happened to see my oops of a Facebook share yesterday, you were likely confronted with the blast from the past that is this blog.  I hope that you enjoyed your visit, however long you stayed.  It is amazing how much life changes!!!

I remember those days of being a new mom of one.  I had such a hard time finding the right time to eat!  This past year, as a new mom again, I have not found that to be the problem!!!  Maybe it is because there are small humans begging me for food around the clock.  Maybe it is because I have realized the importance of taking care of myself.  Likely, it is somewhere in the middle.

In case you are wondering how we are settling into life in our new home, I will give you this gem:


That is the pile of boxes hanging out in the basement.  Well, one space of the basement.  Full disclosure:  there is a dirty deep freezer that has needed to be cleaned for awhile now (by awhile, I mean since we moved in) and a few more similar piles of boxes in various places!

But all in all, life is good!  We have a mix of old friends and new friends here, and I am finding the community to be much more easily accessible via public transport and our six feet.  I would love to say that the girls and I explored all the area parks this summer and have the dish on it all, but reality is that moving is exhausting.  Being a mom of three is exhausting.  And, they spent many hours playing and pretending in our own backyard.

With the new move, we have started a new home school curriculum.  We LOVE it!!!!

Susanna is in Kindergarten this year, and Caroline in her second year of preschool. Our curriculum is very hands on and is giving the girls a ton of room for their natural curiosity and love of learning to bloom!  There are aspects of our days that are difficult to manage still; but overall, I am very pleased!  The best part for ME has been that the Bible based curriculum has given me a lot of tools to use in parenting!

This week, I declared that we were taking a Fall Break!!!  It is Thursday and our list of accomplishments is small.  Mama’s expectations of the week have been managed and I am just glad for one thing:  I am looking forward to starting school next week!!!  I am realizing that was the entire point of the break.  Last week, I had begun to dread school time.  I was in a rush to get through, and not doing the extra stuff that makes it great.  I had realized that we have been in school for six weeks now and decided it was time for a rest.

Today, we finally made our apple pie for last week’s apple week:


Truthfully, the girls helped zero amount with this pie as they were involved in many shenanigans while trying to take out the trash because it matters so much which color of grocery bag goes in each trash can.  In the end, they got it together and helped me peel, slice, and core the apples for a second batch of pie filling that promptly went into the freezer.  And for that, I should get all the mom points because I am a control freak in the kitchen.  Letting go and letting a child operate the peeler slicer corer gave me palpitations.  I have barely recovered.  I miss the days where hand over hand was considered “letting them help.”  It doesn’t cut it anymore as sisters need to help and mama does not have the patience for it.  I am mildly looking forward to the days that I can set them free and walk away.  I would rather see no evil, hear no evil, and clean up after!!!

In other news, blogging.  I miss it.  I am looking forward to doing it again!!  I don’t know how things will shape up.  I know that there will be some about the girls, some about food, and some about life in general.  Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to next time!

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