Baby Bump…


Baby girl is officially full term now at 37 weeks.  She could come any time, though I would prefer her to wait a couple weeks so that I can  squeeze in a few last clients into work.  If you’ve been stalking me, you will find that I have uploaded all of one baby bump profile picture…  I have to admit that I find taking these pictures highly awkward, and if it were up to me the only pictures you would get are from my point of view:

From this point of view, I love my baby bump.  I’ve enjoyed seeing and feeling her grow, and i can hardly believe that in a month give or take she is going to make her arrival!  But, I know that everyone wants to see the money shot…. so, here you go:

I have been so thankful to have had a normal, healthy pregnancy up to this point, and pray that theme continues 🙂



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