I have not fallen off the earth…. though our lives have turned upside down as of late

  • Matt got his hours cut and rearranged at work, so our work week has been Thursday through Monday.
  • Yep, that means I’ve been working EVERY Sunday.
  • We found out that we will not be doing the host home thing
  • I don’t really want to talk about that bullet point… or about the entire month of August.
  • Matt found a new job (\YAY) and will be starting part time while he works out his two week notice.
  • Then, starting Nov 5th our life can get back to normal, but hopefully a new and different kind of normal because my husband will be home in the evenings!!
  • I may not blog much as our life settles down.
  • Or, I might…. who knows.  I am starting to feel happier and more energetic since we found out about the new job yesterday.
  • We cleaned up the garden this afternoon (today’s my day off, which is SO weird) and I found these honkers…..

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