• Today’s something productive was actually two things:  the dishes and the laundry 🙂
  • I made up for it by painting the base coat on a recipe box
  • and by baking some pumpkin spritz cookies… to use my newly acquired cookie press a la craigslist
  • I am also in the midst of tackling one of those scary domestic tasks:  baking with yeast.  I’m tacking by making cinnamon rolls, which for me is equally as scary…. thankfully I have a good recipe to work from, and a forgiving husband 🙂
  • Tomorrow and Thursday are Matt’s new days off, so we will be spending them together… our plans involve cleaning out our Explorer for his trip to MN with the guys this weekend, a lunch and movie date, grocery shopping, survivor, and I’m hoping to pick up a couple pallets somewhere along the way to do a wall project for the bedroom
  • I’m hoping we get to do said project on Thursday 🙂

That’s all I got.  IF the cinnamon rolls turn out, I will show you a pic.  If the DON”T I’m sure I will tell you all about it as well 🙂


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