I found myself at a cross roads:  either use my vacation time or lose my vacation time.  So, this week I am using it up!  No, Matt and I aren’t going ANYWHERE 😦 But, I have plans of my own to accomplish before I got back to work on Friday morning.

I’ve set the base guideline for the week that I have to get something accomplished before I can do something fun.  It’s pretty basic, I know.   Yesterday all I accomplished was washing our sheets… and in return I painted some recipe boxes.

This morning, I worked my tail off to deep clean my living room.  Boy, was it time!  instead of doing a simple dust,  this time I actually cleaned all the glass shelves, tables, and so on.  And, I made lunch for the hubs (stuffed green pepper casserole)

As a reward for myself, I decided that today would be the day that I would begin teaching myself how to sew.  Last Christmas, I was given my Great Aunt Ann’s sewing machine and it has been tempting slash intimidating me ever since.  Now, Ann would be 93 years old if she were alive, so you can imagine that her sewing machine isn’t the newest slash fanciest thing on the block…

I had no idea where to begin, so I grabbed the tiny little instruction manual.  And, I didn’t really get any farther than that 😦  I had to text my friend Alisa and see if she was available.  Thankfully she was here within the hour, and figured this baby out (and gave me a tutorial on how to handle her)

And, three hours later….

my very own Kindle cover 🙂

Yeah, I know… three hours??  Let’s be honest, it was my first shot.  And, I am myself, and I may or may not have had to do the outer part three times because I couldn’t get the right side wrong side thing down right!  It’s rough, but I made with my own two hands 🙂

I’m going to have to practice up because I’ve got a mental list of things I want to make 🙂

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