You HAVE to try this…



…if you are anywhere near a trader joe’s, you must get a quart of this ice cream

Lemon & Triple Gingersnap…  Now, I had to do some mighty hard convincing of my husband that we wouldn’t regret it, even though, I thought in the back of my head that it might be weird.  All doubt was cast aside the moment I opened it up, and smelled the fresh lemony and spicy goodness….

And, the texture, the glorious texture.  It was soooo creamy with soft gingersnap cookies.  I’m not kidding you!  It rocked my socks off!

In other news, I also picked up some quinoa.  I’ve never had it.  Neither has Matt 🙂  I’m excited although a little intimidated.  Let me know if you have and/or have any recipes you recommend!





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