Best Two Dollars Ever Spent…

Over Labor Day weekend, I picked up this handy little shelf for two bucks at Savers in Minneapolis

We gave her a little makeover, along with another self we already had, and Matt hung them up for me

It took about ten minutes, and they looked a little like this

Don’t look at my canisters!  Seriously…. i’m getting new ones asap!  These are ugly, and cheap!  My favorite part is this…

is that all my vinegars are lined up so pretty 🙂  Yes, there are five of them: white, cider, white wine, rice, and balsamic.  Come to think of it there is some red wine vinegar in the fridge too, Matt kept it there in his bachelor days, and I have never moved it.

All my favorite spices, right here for my grabbing at a moment’s notice 🙂

Yes, those are my little dried Penzey’s herbs… I love ’em.

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