My Wednesday was CRAZY busy at work, which is a good thing, and then my mom was in town again last night.  We had a good time… just went to Archiver’s and Walmart, then hit up Tasty Taco.  Yum.  To be honest, I haven’t gotten back into the swing of cooking, or housekeeping since returning from the weekend trip.  But, I have lots of plans….

  • I did manage to get some beans into the crock pot last night to make my own refried beans 🙂
  • and we are going to eat them alongside this chili lime pork.  I used a boneless shoulder… and it’s roasting as I type.
  • my house is starting to smell yummy.
  • I acquired the supplies to make myself a second, larger recipe box.  I talk to people/know people who use binders.  Sometimes I think about going there, but I kinda like using recipe cards.
  • I painted my toes green last week, and I like them.
  • we haven’t been running the air conditioning, and I LOVE IT!
  • Matt is working on refinishing a couple shelves for me to use as a spice rack.  I kinda think I might need new canisters if I’m going to put them on a shelf.  My current ones are plastic, rubbermaid, and seriously old/gross… if I’m lucky Hobby Lobby will have their glass on sale, cause there are some large glass jars/canisters that I’ve had my eye on.

Have a great Thursday, I’ll let you know how the pork turns out 🙂

    One Reply to “Quick-e’s”

    1. Your house was smelling good this morning already. Thanks for everything – our meeting went really well today – lots of progress! Glad to be home! Love you bunches,

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