I’m glad to be back from the weekend, and even more glad to have had a three day weekend.  Lucky me, I’ll be getting another one this coming weekend!  It almost makes up for the insanity that was August!  Almost.

Yes, we went up to Ames for the weekend for my lovely friend Megan’s wedding…

Did you hear the one about the blonde, the brunette, and the redhead?  Muwahaha… totally kidding.  But, with three good friends who are readheads, many of my stories could start out like that 🙂 Anywho, that’s me, Megan, and Autumn…  there is so much to be said these two ladies:  I love them!  We’ve seen each other through some pretty trying times in life, and it was awesome to see Megan so happy on Saturday!

With the exception of the half hour of the wedding, and the eight hours I had to sleep  (it might have been seven) I spent the entire time talking… it was awesome!  In  some ways, I will always miss the days when all of my friends were single, and we had no real responsibilities… we would hang out for hours on end!

Life goes on, and we had to come home yesterday, do laundry, and go grocery shopping before the week begins tomorrow.  I know that promised you all bacon cheeseburger quesadillas, but my neighbor shared with me her discovery in my compost bin this morning, and I just HAD to share 🙂

Regular old compost bin, right?

Oh, but wait:

Is that…

Could that be…

A melon vine 🙂

and it’s growing in and around the compost bin 🙂

Funny thing is that I had two little seedlings… which I thought were both melon vines.  One happened to be a weed.  That’s the one I left in the garden.  The other was the real deal, and it got sent to compost!


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