Bears vs Packers Kubb

Yesterday morning, we sent this beauty out in the mail…..

Yes, it is a Bears vs Packer s Custom Kubb set.  You might be asking yourself, why the King is silver… the client wanted it to resemble the super bowl trophy.  I thought it was creative… and if I thought there was any way to pull it off, I would have made asked Matt to carve it out.

Here’s a couple other close up shots:

Now, don’t be deceived… for some reason my camera makes the Krylon Oxford Blue look like Cubbie blue, but I can assure it, it is not!  It turned out to be the perfect dark shade of blue, but not navy.

I am pretty pleased with this set, yet again.  And, cannot wait for another custom set to come our way… who knows when it will be or what they will want, just always hoping that I don’t have to do some weird Hawkeye thing 🙂

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