Custom Painting

In case you didn’t know, the hubs and I have been making and selling Kubb sets all summer.  It’s be kinda fun to tell you the truth, especially since we added a custom option to the mix!

I know I’ve already bragged a little about this one, but thought I throw it out there to show off anyways 🙂

A few weeks ago we got an order for a customized Nebraska Cornhusker set.  I know, Matt was seriously sad that A.  Someone was going to play with it and ruin it’s sheer perfection and B.  That we had to put it in a box and ship it to Elkhorn, NE.

Here’s the point where I am sure you are asking yourself, “Why in the world are those casting pins yellow?”

Well, you see:  I hand painted each of those six babies to look like ears of sweet corn.  Yeah, I know…. it took I LONG time.  Let’s just say, I spent the better part of a day off figuring it out and watching Netflix on the Wii!!!

I’d have to say that my favorite piece is the King:  using a Nebraska football helmet as inspirations, we went to the white & red look

All in all, I’d have to say that I’m surprised how much I enjoy these painting adventures!  Right now, I’m working on a Bears vx Packers for the Super Bowl trophy kinda thing for someone up in Minnesota.  He’s a Bears fan.  Why he lives in Viking territory is beyond me.

We sell our lovely creations at our Etsy shop:

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