Now for a list of random life happenings……

  • I bought 4 pounds of strawberries at Fareway today… they were on SALE $1.48/lb and I haven’t seen or tasted such delicious berries in such a LONG TIME!!!
  • This morning Matt & I decided that we were going to drive efficiently, and use the least amount of gas possible:  in the name of doing a favor for a friend, we managed to hit 3 of the 4 corners of the Des Moines metro area!
  • Our tour started out at the Retro Diner in West Glenn, for breakfast:  I had a Groupon and it was DELICIOUS!
  • In the midst of our driving, we got a lot of time to talk, and some time to listen to the Dave Ramsey Show on the radio.
  • I decided that I might prefer Lowe’s to Menard’s…. though the jury is still out on that one.  I just thought everyone was super helpful at Lowe’s, and I loved it!
  • I came home from small group tonight to find Matt in the garage working on the building the square frames for our garden 🙂  And, the accompanying rabbit fence!
  • When he is gone, I either watch TV or sleep in, though to my credit there isn’t anything better than sleep to be going on at 7:30 AM on a Sunday.
  • While walking the aisles at one of the home improvement stores today, I heard a little girl talking to her dad, “Daddy, I think you need to buy me a new swing set.”  To which Dad replies, “Honey, your swing set is just a little broken.”  “Well, then Daddy I think you NEED to FIX IT.”
  • HA!!!!!  Daddy do list?  LOVED it.

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