Things I LOVE Thursday…. Squared2 Wall Hangings

For Valentine’s Day my dear sweet husband decided to make me a homemade gift 🙂  A couple months ago I discovered this chair on and immediately envisioned the back of the chair being turned into wall hangings that would flank the window in my living room: the last wall to be decorated.

I wish that I had a picture of these beauties sanded, and finished.  I don’t.  They aren’t there yet.  Matt DID finish them for V-day, but has been MIA in terms of sanding and finishing.  Hopefully this weekend will be a different story!

Without further ado………

3 Replies to “Things I LOVE Thursday…. Squared2 Wall Hangings”

  1. I saw these on HGTV last night – they used a larger version and two of them to form a headboard. Very coo.l!

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