What I’ve been up to…..

It’s true:  I haven’t blogged in a while.  The past week has been a little bit crazy, to say the least!!

My mom ended up having surgery to remove a pituitary tumor at the Mayo Clinic yesterday.  Not surprisingly I’ve been with her since Saturday when I got off of work.  We found out on Wednesday morning, and that was enough time to get the details together and be ready to leave town for about a week.  (one of the details happened to be making the turkey taco chili from skinnytaste.com: go to the site, it’s linked in the sidebar!)

Thankfully, Mom’s surgery was a success, and she is feeling good.  We’re back home in Estherville, and I’m hanging out til the weekend helping her convalesce…. and yelling at her when she lifts more than she’s supposed to, and borrowing her scrapbook stuff, and generally hanging out.  Sadly, my dear sweet husband is at home, in Des Moines.  VERY far away from me.

I was, however, looking through some of the pictures on my mom’s computer 🙂  I’ll post a few I enjoy…..

This one is from my bridal shower!  I LOVE these women.  period  the end.

This one is from the day I moved into Matt’s house…. two days before our wedding:

This one is of my mom and Matt:  I think she might like him better than me….

Look how happy he looks 🙂 

Seriously, I might blog a little this week, I might not.  We shall see!  Otherwise, I’ll be home next week, and am planning to use my other days of vacation this year for more fun things!  My mom is further disallowed having surgeries.  The end.

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