White Pita Pizzas

I adapted this recipe from another Ina Garten one from her “Back to Basics” book.  I love pizza.  We love pizza.  Her recipe involved homemade dough, fontina cheese, and and arugula salad on the top.  While at the store, I immediately thought:  to heck with making dough!  I’m going with pitas!!  Which, we did.

I started out with our pittas.  I brushed them with olive oil.  Then, I seasoned them up with minced garlic, red pepper flakes, Italian seasoning, fresh black pepper, and kosher salt.

After getting the pitas seasoned, I added maybe a quarter cup of mozzarella cheese. (and a few bleu cheese crumbles for Matt’s share).  Then we baked ’em at 450 degrees for eleven minutes.

Now, Ina’s recipe.  I say Ina because I’m sure we would be friends, and I’m even more sure she’d be okay with that.  Her recipe calls for a simple arugula salad to top it off.  I made it.  Seriously, easy.  I mixed up an olive oil, orange juice, salt and pepper vinaigrette.  We took the pizzas out of the oven.  I ate one with the salad and one without.  I have to confess.  I don’t get the arugula on top.  I didn’t even enjoy it too much.

However, the pizzas were AWESOME!!  (here’s where I would insert a finished picture if there was one to insert 🙂

The pita was so crispy and it was so flavorful!  I’m definitely making this a regular for us… and not just white pita pizzas, I’m thinking of expanding to other delicious pizza goodness.

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