Claus Creation…. Kubb

What is Kubb you ask? It is our new favorite lawn game.  Matt discovered it through one of his woodworking magazines, and he made a set for us.  We played it a few times alone, had his family over in early November and played with them.  The game is quick and easy… and a LOT of fun!

This is a Kubb set:

It is made of premium douglas fir.  The set includes one king, ten kubbs, six casting pins, four corner markers, a hammer, a bag, and a set of instructions.

To play the game, you begin by marking out your corners with the corner pins by using the hammer to pound them into the ground.  The playing field should be about 15 feet wide by 25 feet long.  When we started, our court was shorter, but quickly it became too easy, so we stretched it out to regular size.

The next part of set up is to line up five Kubbs along each baseline, and set the king in the center of the playing field kinda like so:

This picture is DEFINITELY from when we were playing with a short court!

Then, you start to play!

The object of the game is to be the first person to successfully knock down all your opponents Kubbs, and then the King.   If you happen to topple the King out of turn, you automatically lose.  This is where the casting pins come into the game…. each team takes a round of tossing all six casting pins in an attempt to knock down as many of the opponent’s Kubbs as possible.

Here are a few action shots…..

We LOVE this game, and have been so excited for warmer weather to be able to play!!! The best part of the game in my mind is that you don’t have to score.  The game is very straight forward, and you know who is winning, and when the game is over.  I think it makes being able to hang out, play, have conversation so much easier because you don’t have to remember a score!

If you’re interested in a set of your own in hopes of warm spring days and fun outdoor games, email us at

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