Pancake Recipe from Mrs. Heerema…

This post comes later than usual, or desired….?  Matt has been working on our taxes intermittently throughout the day, and I’ve actually been cleaning the house, so there you go.

HOWEVER, this morning I made an awesome batch of pancakes thanks to the lovely Mrs. Heerema

Mrs. H’s Pancakes

2 t (one envelope yeast)
2 T warm water
2 c flour (I used 1 whole wheat, 1 unbleached or bleached, whatever I have on hand)
1 T baking powder
1 t soda
1 t sugar
1/2 t salt
3 eggs
2 c buttermilk (or 2 T lemon juice + enough milk (the fattier the better, I use whole since we always have it on hand) to make 2 c)
2 t oil
optional: 3 T flaxseed

Dissolve yeast in water, let it sit.  If you don’t have real buttermilk (I never do), mix up the buttermilk.  Both of these have to stand for 5 min.  Mix up other dry and wet ingredients, and then put it all together!

This is what Nancy calls a “half batch” – she usually doubles it and put it in her giant blue popcorn bowl but it makes a TON of pancakes that can be thrown in ziplocs and put in the freezer.  I made up the batter the night before, because I knew we’d just have cold cereal if I left it up to making them in the morning!

We had them one time when visiting Ames, and I had been thinking of them ever since!!!  So, I begged for the recipe, and made them as soon as I had the time!  This batch made 16 pancakes, which was plenty to screw up one, eat three apiece, and save nine for later.

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