Asian inspired shelving unit… and a story to go along

So… Matt and I were cruising around the Re-Store several weeks, maybe even a couple months ago, and we stumbled upon this beauty…..

…and I totally had a vision for it!  It was an old built-in in someone’s house, and still had nails protruding out of one side, and all!  So, I gave my husband that look, you know which one, and he agreed that we should buy it!  So we paid our ridiculously low price, and asked them to put it on hold for us.

At this point, we drove our Buick LeSabre back home, and the man proceeded to whip out his new roof rack system while I went back to priming another piece of furniture.  It wasn’t too long before I started hearing the echos of frustration coming from the general direction of the car. Next thing you know, I kinda hear a thud and a scream, and a husband running into the house…. Yikes!

I muster myself up and follow him in, having no idea what was going on.  Turns out the roof rack didn’t work just right, and it hit my dear sweet husband in the face… by his nose.  So, I’m kinda looking at it, trying to touch him, and comfort him…. meanwhile I think he was just pissed off things weren’t going as planned.  Next thing you know, I’m calling first nurse, we go to urgent care, and some doctor is jokingly blaming me for somehow causing said accident.  Three stitches later, a call to a friend with a truck, and we were back in business.

We went back and forth about the merit of keeping this wonderful unit, and selling it.  Sadly, selling won out, and we primed, and painted while learning a valuable lesson:  cheap black paint looks gray.  Be careful!  So, two quarts of paint later…..



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