What’s been going on in my kitchen….

I’ve been tossing around in my head for a long time how I can cook healthier so that Matt & I can eat healthier, which may or may not lead to losing some weight in the process.  I feel like I’m in the process of weeding out the things in the kitchen that don’t fit into the choices I’d like to be making for us now…. aka a huge tub of margarine.  HA!  No, but seriously, I’m trying to take a fresh look on things, and rid ourselves as much processed stuff as possible.  I’m not to the point of thinking I need everything organic (yet) but am definitely trying to make better choices for us.

A couple of recipes lately that I’ve tried, and LOVED…. they aren’t mine so I’ll just link to ’em 🙂

Slow Cooked Pernil … This Puerto Rican Pork made GREAT leftovers!

Cuban Style Black Beans … I served these with the pork, and some simple rice cooked in chicken broth with a little onion & garlic & tomato paste.

Cuban Sandwich Quesadillas… these basically rocked my world!!!!!  Seriously.  Amazing.

Other things I’ve been up to include sub-ing shredded cheese for Velveeta in an old soup recipe and baking with white whole wheat flour… oh & I bought some flax for the first time.  We’ll see how the hubs likes it!

Up this week to try to a lowfat Baked Banana Oatmeal

and this Cauliflower Mac & Cheese

It’s been kinda fun to try a bunch of new stuff lately!  Though, Matt has been super busy so I admit that it has NOT been fun having to do a lot of the dishes!



2 Replies to “What’s been going on in my kitchen….”

  1. These sound delicious! I can’t wait to try several of them!
    In other news, I recently purchased a rice cooker/veggie steamer, and it has revolutionized my world.

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