Quick E’s

In no particular order…..

  • my house is in utter chaos at the moment… surprised?  You shouldn’t be!  We’ve went to Sioux Falls for a weekish, I was sick, had a Christmas party, and have been making Christmas presents like mad!
  • I sold the little green table today!  YAY!  Stay tuned for more of the like…. Matt and I have been brainstorming lots of creative projects
  • I am making sausage corn chowder for dinner tonight!
  • I put up the Christmas tree last week, but only have one ornament on it…. sad.  We need to do something about that tonight!!
  • I am teaching myself to embroider.  I have somewhat thought that I will get a gift finished for my mother-in-law by Christmas, but it’s not to be…. well, i’m not gonna go there just yet… let’s say I’m less than optimistic 🙂

The end for now.

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