Well, here you go…. a life update in a bulleted list….

  • my childhood asthma is rearing it’s ugly head into adulthood and I hate it!
  • Last week I slacked off and didn’t do an iota of housework!
  • Last week I do, however, manage to do a lot of preparation for our trip to San Antonio in a couples weeks for Matt’s birthday… I even bought his present: two tickets to Cirque Dreams Illumination…. don’t worry, he knows.
  • If you know me at all you know I suck at surprises.
  • Yesterday we found an awesome wooden find at the ReStore…. it’s just waiting for me to refinish it 🙂
  • Sadly, my awesome find lead to my husband needing to get three stitches in his face!  He was headed back to pick it up for me…. and trying to get  the roof racks on our car when one hit him in the face 😦
  • One of my clients (who is a nurse) told me today that there are thousands of accidents like that a year in Iowa… and that she knew a guy who lost an eye to such an event.
  • I’m very glad my husband’s eyes are in tact!!!  We need at least one driver in the family!!!
  • I am in the process of organizing our photos so that I can start a scrapbook…. I am serious.

Well, I think that’s all I can think of for the moment…

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