Butternutty goodness!

Occasionally it’s good for a person to take culinary shots in the dark.  This fall, I decided to take a risk of my own!  I bought a butternut squash last week at the grocery store.

I wasn’t quite sure what I would do with said squash.  And, have been informed by my dear, sweet husband that he doesn’t not like squash!  In fact, I have made several squash references this week, and he has threatened that if I speak once more of squash he would pick up a squash and throw it on the ground.  Ha!

After a somewhat frustrating hour or so after work today, I decided that I didn’t have much time, and I wasn’t sure what would happen, but I was going to cut up my dear little butternut and eat it!  Well, part of it anyways.

I read a few recipes, and talked to a few people…. namely my two moms at work.  I decided not to get too fancy, or too involved.  I simply cut my baby in half, scooped out the seeds and membrane, and sliced her very thinly.

then she hit a bath of melted butter in a skillet.  I figured gentle was the way to go, so just on medium.  I dusted her with a little cayenne, some brown sugar, a turn of the pepper mill, and a little salt.  After a bit, I decided to give her a splash of maple syrup…. and let her cook.  Mostly, with the lid on.  Near the end, I thought she might be getting a little soupy, so I dusted on a tiny bit of flour, like half a teaspoon…. and let it cook for a minute of so.

And TA-DA!  Butternutty goodness!

Sweet and spicy…. yumminess.  I have to admit that I took one bit, and am hooked.  I HAD to share!

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