Turkey Sausage Quiche

A few weeks ago, I had some odds and ends around the house and decided to make a quiche of it 🙂  It was tasty and delicious, and I wanted to share.  Pardon me for the lack of specifics in terms of measurements, but the truth is that in things like this you can absolutely use a pinch of this and that and it will turn out 🙂

I started with a 9 inch pie crust.  I cooked up a can of mushrooms, half an onion, and a package of turkey sausage that I sliced up.  I put this cooked mixture in the bottom of the pie crust.  Then, I mixed up my egg:  I used a cup of egg substitute, a dolup of Dijon, a dolup of sour cream, a Tablespoon of flour, some salt, pepper, and thyme leaf.  I may have added a quarter cup of cheese, if I had it around…. or more if you want, up to 3/4 cup.

Then, I baked at 375 for about 40 minutes until set in the middle.  I enjoyed our egg substitute Quiche!  The texture was different, but not in a bad way at all!  I thought it was fluffier, and warmed up better than real eggs.

I am getting sad, though.  We only have one or two packages of Aldi turkey sausage links left!  I’m hoping for a special buy in the near future!!!!!

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