Cleaning my stovetop….

A few days ago, I finally got around to cleaning up my nasty stove top 🙂  When we bought it brand new, I told myself over and over that I wouldn’t let it even get to the nasty.  Can we say epic fail?

Yes, we can.  EPIC FAIL.

in other news…. or, back to the original news:  We only keep a handful of kitchen cleaners around this joint: Pine-Sol (which I will not be buying any more cause I hate it…. but we have a massively large amount hanging out in the closet.) comet, windex, and some murphy’s oil soap.

Obviously, I didn’t want to use any of the aforementioned substances to clean my greasy, baked on stove top.

So, here’s what I did  instead:

Sprinkled baking soda over all the nasty stops.  Then, I spritzed it with plain old white vinegar.  Not any of that fancy stuff you see in the stores these days… just vinegar, the kind you buy by the gallon for next to nothing.

then, I let it sit for five minutes, and remembered to take a picture 🙂

It’s kinda cool because the bubbles when you mix the two….

After waiting for a while, you simply scrub down and wipe.  If you are like me and have sealed burners, make sure you take it down to the bare minimum, or you’ll end up thinking your non-existent pilot light has gone out…. don’t be like me 🙂

and VOALA!

Not so bad 🙂  It was easy, I liked that it used two simple things…. and I am happy with the results.  I have yet to let it get all nasty and caked on again…. however, my oven is another story altogether 🙂

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