I think today I will wear green.

I think today i will wear green.  It was, after all, her favorite color.  Nine years ago many families lost loved ones, but my family experienced a loss much closer to home.  My dad’s aunt Ann…

If she were still living today, she would be 93 years old.  I know this because when I was born it had been 62 years since a female Frerichs came into the world. And, nine years seems like she has been gone forever, but sometimes, and some days I forget that she’s been gone more than a day.

I grew up just a couple blocks from her house.  She had never married, and had lived alone ever since her mother died shortly after I was born.  Her house was my second home.  When life wasn’t going right, it was so easy just to go over to her house, have tea, and forget about the rest of the world.  I loved it!

The thing I remember the most about Ann was that she seemed to be able to see straight through a person to their very heart.  And, it was at that place that she was able to really know them and love them.  I really think she taught that quality to the people in my family…. and it’s one of the reasons I grew up in such a loving home.

She was also the kind of woman who simply told it like it was!  Ha!  She never could keep much of a secret…. hehe, maybe that’s where I get that one 🙂

It was from her that I got my love of cooking.  I remember her cooking for huge family gatherings at her house, or just making lunch for me and my sister in the summertime.  She always seemed to pull things off effortlessly, and every meal was comforting. I still crave her goulash from time to time.  I try to imitate her version, but it never seems to go quite right!

There was something special about her, her home, and her table 🙂  I kinda always wanted to grow up and be like her; some days I wonder if she would be proud of me.  I wonder what she would think of Matt.  No matter what, I’m sure she would have told me exactly what she thought of him, that’s for sure!

I’ll never forget the time of her passing…. I’d gone home a little over a week before and said my good byes.  I’d been able to sit at her bedside, hold her hand, and pray for her peace.  The world was still focused on 9/11.  And, I knew when I missed a late night call from my mom, with no message, that she was gone.

Today I still miss her.  I cried for about twenty minutes when I got home from work yesterday… thinking of her, and missing her so much.  So, I decided that today I will wear green.  I’ve adopted it as my favorite color.  It’s because I want to be like her.

6 Replies to “I think today I will wear green.”

  1. I often think the same things of whether or not she would have liked Nick and if she would be proud of me. I really wish that Matt and Nick would have had the chance to meet her. Its funny I loved helping her get her groceries but now the thought of going to the grocery store makes me cringe. I miss being able to hang out at her house play cards, watch tv with her and even help her clean.

  2. Guess what color I wore to work today?? Yup you got it – GREEN! Was thinking about Ann today but not when I got dressed. Great article – she would be very proud of you girls and your Men! But she might have thought you had lost it – making rice in the oven! A Great Lady who influenced all of us – for the better I think! (Atleast she was bound and determined to sweeten us up and fatten us up!)

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