Ginger Chicken

This was the most phenomenal dish I have had in QUITE some time 😉  A big shout out to taste of home

All I did to alter their recipe was to use a red pepper instead of a green one 🙂

Seriously:  you need to try this.

Really, I’m in love with the taste and smell of ginger now 🙂

I’m planning to make it again very soon.

WHY ARE YOU STILL READING MY WORDS?  Get yourself over to Taste of Home and sign up for your membership….. and get this recipe!!!

Though, I will tell you two things:  use reduced sodium soy sauce if you’ve got it…. if you don’t, go buy it.  also, I used the rice vinegar.  I’m sureish that you could use another vinegar.  But, get the rice stuff.  I found some for $1.59 or so, and will now use it up to make this recipe time and again 🙂

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