Freedom in a 7 speed…

Now that I’ve moved down to Des Moines, my public transportation option are much more limited than they ever used to be!  For instance, if I don’t make it onto the 4:13 p.m. bus at Merle Hay Mall on a Saturday evening, it’s a LONG walk home!  While I was living in Ames, buses literally ran half of the night on the weekends!

I struggled with this for awhile, and my dear, sweet husband decided that I should, in fact, get a bike 🙂  She’s my 7 speed symbol of freedom!  As long as I can bike it, I can do it…. it’s a great feeling!  Now, I’ve taken her for the occasional grocery run, once to the ATM…. but lately it’s been leisurely jaunts around the neighborhood.

Matt always talks about loading up the bikes and going to Gray’s Lake, but the thought still frightens me just a bit, though I know it would be fun! Besides, it would be a great occasion to use my nifty little bell!  Maybe this weekend….

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