as my dear friend Beth informed me today, my poor blog has been lacking.  I am sorry for that.  Life happened, I got out of routine.  Tonight, I will give you a series of quick-e’s about what’s going on….. and hopefully I’ll translate the series of blogs in my head into digital words for you all.

  • I have tried to make Spanish rice twice in the past two weeks.
  • Both times were an epic failure of undercooked grossness.
  • My wonderful husband is eating the leftovers from sr attempt number two.
  • I did, however, make a perfect batch of regular rice in the oven the other night 🙂  It involved water, butter, rice, and salt.  I’ll blog about it.
  • My house is clean right now 🙂
  • I even made my bed this morning!!
  • Did I mention that I listen to Delilah every night?  “Take my breath away” is currently playing in the background.
  • Tonight I am going to be making some meatballs.  And, a delicious recipe of potatoes that my sister made for us in KC.
  • Then, I am going to glue some cork onto plywood….. which will turn into a super sweet kitchen wall thing……  you’ll have to wait for the big reveal 🙂

With that….. kitchen here I come!

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