Roast Beef!

This is my photo of roast beef.  This was not the beef I made this week….it was the beef of a few weeks ago.

1 roast plus 12 oz diet dr pepper plus a day in the crock pot.  It was good, but I would not say that it was great.  Which is exactly how I felt about the can of mushroom soup thing.

HOWEVER, my mom piped in the morning I threw this bad boy into the crock to tell me what she had heard to be the best way to make a crock pot roast.  So, I told her if she hooked me up with the beef, I would try it 🙂  Smart thinking on my part…. though to be honest, she always hooks me up with the beef.  (my grandparents give them part of a cow every year….which they give to me and my sister every chance we get 🙂 )

Drum roll, please……

Poor Man’s Prime Rib Roast:

one packet Italian dressing mix

one packet aus jux seasoning

one bouillon cube

one and a half cups water

one hunk of beef

one crock pot

It rocked my world, changed my life, and made me consider going to the store, buying a roast, and doing it again that night.  Seriously.  That’s saying a lot…. I’ve never purchased a beef roast in my life!  And to think:  I was seriously thinking about BUYING one!

It was flavorful, but not salty.  It melted in my mouth.  It was, to die for!  When my sister told me she uses Italian dressing mix, I just couldn’t imagine it….. but the beefy aus juxiness of it all was over the top!

Try it:  you won’t go back.

PS… I think I could have just skimmed the juices and used it for gravy.

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