Not much time tonight, and still haven’t tackled the rest of the zucchini, so you’re in for a round of quick-e’s!

  • I have a half a dozen picture frames in my living room alone that still have the store people in them
  • the bed in the guest bedroom is usually full of piles of paper and junk, unless my mom is going to be here.
  • Every time I hang something on a wall, I go through about ten nails before I get one in good…. our walls are made of plaster.
  • I have successfully rid myself, and my bookshelf space, of all the assorted cooking magazines.  I got the recipes I wanted, and passed them along.
  • I had two old ladies yell at me at work today:  both of them were mad about the cost of a haircut and style.  People have been paying what they pay for my haircuts for years now…. and I’m pretty sure I’m worth every penny.  Next time:  try it out for yourself, and see how that works for you.  I am, after all, a trained professional.  That is worth something.
  • oh wait, I meant quick.  Sorry about that one 🙂
  • I read jeremiah 18:2-6 this morning.  LOVED IT!  And, I have no idea what god is trying to do with me…. it’s been a frustrating few weeks for me since our Nebraska trip.
  • Sometimes I feel totally out of place in my new life.  I haven’t had to start all over in a new city since I was 18.  I’m 30 now.  And, it’s not going much better than it did at 18.
  • I have made pot roast about four different ways since I’ve been married, and I finally figured out my preferred method….ah, the suspense!
  • Tomorrow I will be going to the grocery store to purchase items to make a recipe my Grandma Jo gave me:  along with the apples to make it!  She weighs a hundred pounds on a good day, but I still do what she tells me to do because it’s good for me.

With that, I am going to upload one random honeymoon photo and call it a night!

HA! Love it, what a ham my husband is 🙂

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