An Update about the Kits

In case you are wondering:  we love our little cats!  They recently got a laser pointer that they love to chase around.  The pictures really don’t turn out good.  Maybe one of these days I’ll take a video and post it…. who knows.

I am sure you remember our lovely little Emme:

I’ve taken to calling her “Emme Lou Who” and “Little Kitty.”  Matt almost always refers to her as “Little Girl.”  She is sweet and lovable…. the kind of cat who curls up in your lap when you’re having an off day.  She’s also pretty smart.  She will run into our bedroom when the door is open and hide under the bed…. we used to be able to get her out with the pointer, but she has caught onto us, and is extremely hard to lure out of her hiding place!

And, did I mention she likes Matt WAY better?

She’s downright cute

(p.s. don’t look at the cat hair on the ottoman!  I know you looked!)

And, then there is Spencer.  He’s often referred to as “Spence,” “Your Cat,” and “mister Pee Brain.”  He is definitely MY CAT, though when he is getting in trouble,  I always say something to the effect of:  “Look what YOUR CAT is up to now.”  🙂

Have I mentioned that Spencer is our problem kitty?  He is often responsible for being on countertops, tipping over the recycle bin, and, yes, throwing a fit when the litter box is not up to his standard.  AKA…. peeing on freshly washed sheets. (hence the name Mr. Pee Brain)  And, did I mention that the sheets are on my bed?  Yuck!  In Spencer’s defense, his sister does eat paper and kleenex, so she’s not perfect.

When he doesn’t get enough attention, or is looking for me:  he takes to going into the upstairs bathroom and meowing until someone comes to get him.  We’re trying to call him back out (mostly so I don’t have to go crashing after him)  It’s starting to work a little.

his favorite perch in the house is on the bottom shelf of our little mirrored insert thingy in the living room:

And his favorite thing in the world is to be held and have the underside of his chin scratched!  This is Matt after having rescued Spencer from one of his meowing tantrums in the bathroom.

We love our little cats!  Someday we will no longer be cat people…. and someday we will have babies, and I’ll be home more, and maybe then we can get a dog.  We’ll probably have something boring like a lab…. even though I was me a cute little white cotton ball dog…. and Matt wants a manly rottweiler.  Who knows…. maybe we’ll get a mix! Or a mutt from the ARL.

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