Shots from the weekend….

Matt & I went to his parents’ house for the weekend.  It was a good time!   They had a belated wedding reception for us so as to show off their new daughter-in-law to their family and friends who couldn’t make the trek to the wedding.  All in all it was good… the pillow top mattress in the newly fashioned guest bedroom was an added bonus!

On Monday before we left town, Matt gave me the tour de Lincoln:  including the sunken garden, the Nebraska state capital, a drive by the house where he grew up, and a drive through Pioneer Park.  Unfortunately this time did NOT include a visit to Runza.  I’m not sure why.  Oh, and we took a spontaneous trip up to Lincoln High with his dad and got the tour of Matt’s old high school with all of the changes and so on and so forth.

It was kind of a fun day…. and I took a few pics that I thought were interesting.

sweet purple plant….

strange looking man…. HA!  He’s making a face.

Pretty red border…. kinda like the way the pic looks with color and texture.

Hallway looking over courtyard at capitol

dome & window thing….

Marble railing

All in all, I kinda liked the look of the Nebraska Capitol better than the Iowa one.  They used more stone than wood, and it was less ornate so it had a really clean, earthy feel to it.  they used lots of marble, and rock…. it was cool!

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