Because I Like to Remind Him….

Because I like to remind him that I’m still the One…. I like to find things with molasses in them to make for the man.  You see, when we were dating I had this habit of asking Matt all sorts of random questions to get information out of him about his likes and dislikes.  Well, one day I asked him what his favorite cookies are…. so I could then turn around and make them for him.

Turns out his favorite cookies are molasses cookies. So, I baked up a batch, and put them in the mail as a sweet reminder that he was going to be spending the weekend with me.

Also, turns out that he’d been praying that he would know the woman for him because she would make him molasses cookies.  Awww.  And, well, the rest is history….. and because I’m that type of woman, I like to surprise him with molasses goodies 🙂


Consider yourself warned, these are not for the faint of heart!  They are tasty and delicious, and all sorts of breakfasty goodness.  We, and by we I mean me, made them for breakfast last Sunday before church.  And, I don’t think I was hungry again until about two o’clock.  Next time, I will make all of them, and save about half of them for another time.

Here is my one and only action shot:

As you can see, there is batter, tasty cooking pancake, on the second burner is a package of our new favorite Aldi’s Fit N Active Turkey Sausage links….mmmm…. AND, if you look just to the left you can see a glimpse of my super sweet kitchen rug.

Now, for the nitty-gritty


Dry ingredients:  1 1/2 cup flour, 1 t. baking powder; 1/4 t. baking soda, 1/4 t. salt, 1/2 t. ginger, 1 t. cinnamon.

Wet ingredients: 1 egg, 1 1/4 cup milk, 1/4 cup molasses, 3 T. oil

Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl.  Do the same with the wet ingredients in a separate bowl.  Then, dump all wet into dry, mix until just combined, leaving a few lumps cause it makes better pancakes.

Measure out 1/4 cupful of batter onto a preheated (medium) skillet.  Cook until open bubbles on top, flip and cook a little while longer.  The recipe makes 12.

HINT:  you can buy strong molasses and you can buy weak molasses.  If you don’t care for sure an intense molasses flavor, don’t buy the strong stuff.  If you are eating something made with molasses in my house, it will most assuredly contain the strong stuff.  Consider yourself warned, or something like it 🙂

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