a series of quick-e’s

Is anyone even old enough to remember Quick-E’s from the Daily??

There are currently no blinds or curtains on my living room windows…. it is 11 o’clock at night, and I’m still sitting in said living room because even though I’m living in a fishbowl, it sure beats putting up the sheets again.

Matt will be putting up blinds when he gets home…. or first thing in the morning.

Our house is more and more a home every day….. it’s also less and less of a converted bachelor pad every day… go figure.

Every time I go to hand wash our dishes, I think that I am breaking the rules because I am not following the standard way of dishwashing I learned from my brother at the age of 5.

I just finished a book on gardening…. I wish I would have planted a garden this year and can hardly wait til April.

I also am seriously thinking about canning… and I love that my mom knew I was thinking about canning before I even really mentioned it to her 🙂

If you haven’t met my mom, you should…. I happen to think she’s awesome.  Which, is a good thing seeing as I’m turning more and more into her.

I made a pot roast with diet dr pepper yesterday.  it was good.  Am I going to do it again?  I thinks so, but first i’m going to try my mom’s suggestion.

My husband is home.  He kissed me in front of the open windows…. in front of God and the whole neighborhood.  I didn’t mind 🙂

Tomorrow I’m going to post about meatball sub casserole….. when I can do it justice.

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