his & hers….

It’s been a few days of silence, but believe me:  it been a busy few 🙂  What, with girls’ night, a visit from Megan, and a day of housecleaning with the man…. all good reasons to be doing other things than blogging 😉

One little house project that I’ve been meaning to do finally got done:  i moved stuff around in our closets.  Over the years we have both become accustomed to our own closet space.  After we got married, it didn’t even occur to us to merge those two closets. As a result, my closet is in our bedroom, and his is in the spare room.



I finally realized that when I’m doing laundry, it would be easier for Matt’s clothes to be put away in our room….  Also, he always managed to leave his belt and dress shoes on the floor in the bedroom since there was no place to put them away in the near vicinity.

And so, we have reached a whole new level of onenes:  a shared closet….

HA!  It’s totally not a big deal, but I kinda love it 🙂

In other news…. we are painting the trim today before bible study, so I gotta go!

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