Because the world needs to know…

My heart stopped beating just for a second out of shock before I laughed so hard I cried….  in case you didn’t know:  this is Tim Borseth.  He is the pastor who married my husband and I… well, so much more than just a pastor to me, but point is:  the photographer captured the sweetest of moments the whole day.  Please note that NO ONE is even paying attention to Tim’s heel clicking!

I personally am flattered…. I take this as a sign that Tim was just as happy to marry me off as I was to be married 🙂

Someday I’ll post other wedding pics, this is a teaser, I know….

3 Replies to “Because the world needs to know…”

  1. That was a once-in-a-lifetime moment, wasn’t it? Just like marriage should be… at least the marriage ceremony.

    I was honored and delighted to marry you off, Angie. I trust you two have been doing great and learning how to love one another more and more as the days go by.

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