life update

Since it has been a LONG time, and I just need to start putting stuff out there, here in no particular order are the things that have been going on in my my life:

  • We have decided to keep the kittens.  By kittens,  mean cats.  They are completely spastic and wonderful.   Our new pastimes has been playing with their lazer mouse 🙂
  • I finally hung things on the walls in my living rooms!!
  • I still haven’t painted my window trim
  • coincidentally we still have white sheets as window treatments.
  • I kinda suck at being a housekeeper, and it’s starting to show just a little.
  • I’ve worked one sunday this month, and I will be working today, which makes two Sundays this month.   I don’t like that.  But, I went to church last night.
  • And, it was good.

In other news, Matt and I have been married for almost a third of a year now.  We’ve gone through some phases in four months….. and are starting to settle into life together.  I love everything about our marriage!

I bought a new rug for the kitchen this week:  when Matt saw it, he laughed uncontrollably.  I think because I’ve been talking about this rug for some time, and because it finally went on a decent sale, and I just sorta bought it, without saying a word to him!

And….  I have every intention of painting my window trim this weekend!!!

3 Replies to “life update”

    1. It’s true…… Alisa Link went to church with me on Saturday night… Plus, we hung out for hours before and after. Truthfully, Alisa made Saturday night awesome.

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