The Trial Kittys…

Drum roll, please….. Here they are:  Spencer (in the back) & Emme

We have had our trial kittys for a little over twenty four hours now.   They are completely and totally precious, and are fast growing to be spunky member of our house.  We have them on trial until next weekend to make sure things are working out.  I’m not sure what to call them…. our foster kittys?  our new kittys?  Not quite any of the above right now.

Spencer is a 3 year old tabby cat…. he’s named for the town of Spencer, IA where his mommy is from.  He is fun and playful, but lets the little girl rule the roost 🙂  Emme is about 1 year old and is definitely a mutt… but we think there might be some sort of bengal in her… she has circular markings on her sides and quite unusual eyes.  She was found grazing outside the nursing home in Emmetsburg, IA… thus the name of Emme.  She is the attention hog!

Being from Northwest Iowa myself… and having grown up hating all things Spencer and Emmetsburg I find it highly ironic that those same rival towns are these adorable kittys’ namesakes.  We thought bout changing them… but i like them.

Stay turned…. we we know in a week if we can call them official Claus kiddos!

3 Replies to “The Trial Kittys…”

  1. I would like to point out that I was a part of a lot of this and I got NO PROPS! (went to church last night huh? sounds great…)

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