I’m not sure that i intended this to be a blog about all the food I cook, but truthfully I’m super into it right now 🙂 I recently made sand ‘cups’ by “cup” i mean sand in a batter bowl.

Super easy:

Make a package of instant vanilla pudding with cold milk, and let stand five minutes in fridge.  In the meantime, crush a 12 oz package of Nilla wafers.  Next, mix one regular carton of cool whip with pudding, add about half of crushed Nillas.  Then layer in cups, pretty bowl, or your pampered chef batter bowl that you use for almost anything.

It’s like dirt, except for vanilla instead of chocolate…. tasty.  I’m also thinking that you could make this with choco pudding & graham crackers…. mix in a few mini mallows, and you’d have crushed s’mores or something….

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