Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

Last year for his birthday, my loving husband asked for a cast iron skillet.  His very lovely parents then purchased it for him, and i have since been working on perfecting my imitation of chicago style pizza.  (side note, now my husband admits that he had no intention of cooking with the skillet himself, it was for me to cook for him… the gift that keeps on giving!)

Earlier this week I made a Thai pork pizza.

Today, I used the other half of the pizza dough recipe.  (a trick learned from the pioneer woman)  It starts out pretty simply:  I oil up my cast iron skillet, and press out the pizza dough to come up the sides  Here is where I note that after having acquired said pizza dough recipe from Dan Lennander, I will not be sharing it in this format.

Next comes a layer of cheese, and delicious toppings with another layer of cheese.  Today I used Graziano Sausage, green pepper, onion, and canned mushrooms.  Some people may question my usage of canned mushrooms in pizza, but frankly I think they taste better.

(this picture does not have the final layer of cheese.  If I had put the cheese on and taken the picture, you wouldn’t have seen the deliciousnees)

The final step is the sauce.  I’ve been up and down about this, but in the end I use one can of italian style tomatoes and one can of pizza sauce that I get at Fareway.  Now, I’m sure any kind would do, but I use this brand and this brand only.

I basically drown the top of the pizza with sauce.  In some houses, you might not do this.  Some people would just use straight up diced tomatoes, but in my house, we like sauce.

And then you bake!  Approximately 22 minutes later, I have a pizza that looks something like this:

which I place on my nice red square plate, and chow down!

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