Adventures in dating….

Matt & I decided to invest in a Des Moines Entertainment book to supplement our date night funds…. which is awesome, there are TONS of buy on get one free coupons.  This Sunday evening, we decided to take our first adventure to a new spot to eat, or at least for me; the Ankeny Diner.  Here is my best bet at a food review…

The restaurant is in the Best Western off of I-35.  Unfortunately, this made the whole place smell sorta like the inside of a pool.  Not so great.  But, by the time we sat down, the smell was faint.  We were there on a very chill Sunday evening…. there were maybe a handful of people around.

I went back and forth, finally deciding to take a risk and order the Maytag burger with sauteed onions, and maytag bleu cheese. When I say “take a risk”  I really mean it:  I’m kinda afraid of some foods, one of which being bleu cheese.  However, since meeting Matt and knowing that he has a liking for foods that have strong flavors, I have decided to try to like some of them.

So, I’ve had my share of bleu cheese sauces, dresses, and even had it on pizza once.  I thought to myself:  ah, it’s on a burger:  you’re gonna love it.  Verdict:  I don’t love it.  Not even a little bit.  I mean, I can eat it and I didn’t die.  If there would have been about a third of the amount of bleu cheese that there was, I might have liked it even.

Anyway, I digress:  the food was good, despite my own fears of bleu cheese.

the service left a little something to be desired.  we got a cold batch of onion rings at first, though we are pretty sure this can be attributed to a server who wasn’t on the top of their game.

fun fact about Matt:  he LIKES to eat fries, tater tots, and onion rings with ketchup drizzled over them, while using a fork…..

Sometimes I think this is weird, but last night while eating some tots, I kinda thought to myself that my fingers wouldn’t get dirty if I was using a fork….. yikes, I think I’m going to turn into my husband 🙂

the end.

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