New store, new dishes

One bonus to having worked at Younkers in Ames was that I was able to transfer to another Younkers salon here in Des Moines and not have to spend a lot of time and energy searching for a new job.  Yay!

\Now, you might expect this post to be about my new co-workers, or the swank five year old salon I’m working in, but alas, no.  It is about Younkers.  So, the store in Merle Hay has a home department, which is conveniently located on the same level as the salon (aka, I walk through this department about fifteen times a day!  In all reality this post is about the dishes at the home department, which are located directly outside the entrance to the salon.

I’ve done a lot of thinking about dishes lately.  Mostly, I have thought about how we absolutely positively would not be using my husband’s bachelor set for the next 20+ years of our life.  Now, his dishes were sturdy.  His dishes were functions.  And, there were a  lot of them (12 settings i think)

I very excitedly opened our wedding presents in high hopes that I would get dishes upon dishes so that his set could make a speedy trip to the goodwill pile.  Sadly, we didn’t get any!  So I immediately start counting up our gift cards and figure out that we have enough in one place to buy all our dishes.  I innocently broach the subject with the husband to find out that dishes aren’t even on his radar!  He’s thinking, we have dishes, we have lots of dishes, we don’t need new dishes.

Meanwhile I go to work ever day this next week, and what do I see?  DISHES, lots of pretty dishes…. pretty fiestaware dishes…

and right next to those pretty fiestaware dishes…. lots of blah, boring dishes that looked like the bachelor dishes currently residing in my cabinets at home….

Everyday that first week I thought about dishes…. and how I desperately wanted some pretty brightly colored dishes in my kitchen, not these bland, boring looking cheap bachelor dishes…..  that was three weeks ago.  This week I pick one of said cheap bland bachelor dishes and find out that they are fiesta brand…. yes folks, these dinerware dishes are the latest and greatest…. and cost more than the brightly colored, traditional fiestaware.

And to make a long story short…. I boxed up all the bachelor dishes in my house, found a great sale at Kohl’s, and was about to get pretty dishes of my own!

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